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What’s the procedure for the measurement and installation of windows and/or doors?

- When renovating or replacing your windows and/or doors, we arrange for a representative to visit your home to conduct door and/or window measurements. The measuring details are required to draw up a non-binding quotation. Once you have signed off your order, we make an appointment at your place for final and detailed measurements. We manufacture your windows/doors to order and our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians comes and fits them for you.
- When building a new house, we will base our quote on the building plans and requirements of your architect.

Does Boulemberg offer a warranty on its windows and doors?

Boulemberg offers a 10-year warranty on window frames and doors, which does not cover paintwork.

How do I decide on double or triple glazing?

When building a new house, triple glazing makes sense and offers you the highest energy efficiency. If you live in an older house (50-years old or more) of which the walls are not insulated, double glazing seems the most sensible option.

Am I entitled to grants when installing double or triple glazing?

The different regions grant premiums for the fitting of double or triple glazing. Because these grants and the conditions to qualify for them change frequently, it is best to seek advice with our experts or to consult one of the following websites depending on your region.

Portal energy policy in Walloon Region

Brussels Environment

Portal energy policy in Flemish Region

General Belgian portal per region

How are timber window frames painted?

The profiles run through a spray tunnel where we apply a fungicidal and insecticidal primer coat.
We then spray-paint the primed window frames twice. We obviously use the colour you have carefully chosen yourself beforehand.
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