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Label Boulemberg
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Boulemberg is a family-owned business passed down from father to son since 1898. No wonder it is considered nothing short of a genuine family for its personnel. These pleasant working conditions definitely reflect on the quality of our windows and doors…


Jean-Baptiste Boulemberg has just turned 20 and settles as a carpenter/cabinet maker in the outbuildings of the family home nearby the Braine-l’Alleud railway station. He manufactures furniture, window frames, doors…


Léon Boulemberg, son of Jean-Baptiste, takes over and extends the business.

He sets up a new workshop along the railway
of Braine-l’Alleud and adds a showroom.


Léon Boulemberg passes away and his wife Jeanne
runs the business with her sons Jean and Jacques.

They employ 8 people.
They manufacture interior doors, cupboards, stairs…

Années ’70

Innovation: Boulemberg wants to deal with the crisis without shedding jobs and is among the first to produce PVC window frames.


Jean and Jacques combine their efforts and expand the business (that still manufactures furniture) even further and also specialize in interior design.

They have 12 people in service and have completed some major projects amongst which:

  • the trading room of the Benelux bank
    (later Indosuez)
  • the Sofitel on Avenue de la Toison d’Or in Brussels
  • the counters of DI stores in Belgium
  • the Delhaize store shelves


Roland Boulemberg (son of Jean) joins the company.


Bernard Boulemberg (son of Jacques) joins the company.


Construction of a new 3000 square meter plant on the industrial estate of Braine-l’Alleud, Chaussée de Tubize.

The company entirely focuses on manufacturing window profiles.


The company ceases its furniture production.
It settles in the new premises on Chaussée de Tubize. Roland and Bernard take over the business.


New 4000 square meter warehouse.


The company celebrates its centennial anniversary and employs 40 people.
Boulemberg, pioneer in environmentally friendly choices, uses its timber waste (wood cuts and sawdust) to heat its workshops and offices!


At the death of Roland, Bernard assumes control over the business single-handedly.


Innovation: to offer the quality and warmth of wood inside and the convenience of aluminium outside, Boulemberg introduces aluminium-clad window profiles which are made of solid timber with the extra protection of aluminium cladding on the external side of the window frame.


The buildings covering 7000 m² are almost exclusively allocated to production.

Bernard Boulemberg makes new eco-friendly choices.

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