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Boulemberg is highly committed to quality. We want our work to showcase craftsmanship at its best. We can only be happy if our customers are happy. Great customer success stories are a gift that keeps on giving, all the more so on the long term. We take great pride in what our customers say about us. Don’t take our word for it – have a look at what they tell about us!

We went on the building site this morning and had the opportunity to see from close-by how efficiently the Boulemberg team is working. When we left, the window frames in the sleeping room were already fitted. We are delighted with the final result. It’s safe to say Boulemberg has exceeded our expectations.

We thank you and the entire team for the excellent service you provided.

Jacques et Sabine Kieffer Bruxelles

Dear sir,

I would like to thank you ever so much for the prompt response of your staff to the minor issue I had with a French door in my house in Lillois.
Your team arrived at my place less than one hour after my call and solved the problem in no time. This experience only enhances my opinion of Boulemberg and I believe that’s worth mentioning.
I was already extremely pleased with the quality of the windows and doors that your team installed last year. Today I can but praise the efficiency of your customer service.
Thank you again!”

M.Baert Lillois

Dear Mr Boulemberg,
Now that your team has placed all our window frames, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding service your people delivered. The work went well without any incident whatsoever and the team was at all times efficient, friendly, punctual and cooperative. I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am.

Also I want to express my special gratitude to Mr Toussaint. He negotiated with my wife and me for several months. Time and again he showed great patience and professionalism.

I notice that Boulemberg checks the work once the installation is done. Can you give me an indication as to when this control will take place?

I was also very pleased to meet you in person.
Best regards,

Joris Couvreur Uccle
[ WDA 2013 ]